Now you can also attach multiple PDFs to the existing template while finalizing a form for your clients. Those PDFs can be pure static pages without any editable form fields or can have fillable form fields which can be used to capture e-signature(s), initials, date signed, radio button values, checkboxes or plain text box and much more according to your use case.

How to attach a PDF while creating a new form for a client?

If you don't have a fillable pdf handy, please create one by following the steps here.

  1. Select a template which has a signing event enabled.

  2. Select an advisor (if you have logged in as a firm-admin), this step is not applicable for advisors.

  3. Fill in the client details.

  4. Drop additional pdf documents or select them from your machine.

  5. Click on Upload & Continue once you have added the additional dynamic documents.

  6. Finalize or preview the envelope by selecting your preferred signing method.

  7. Sent or previewed envelope would now have the PDFs you attached towards the end of the original template document; overall you will have the original documents from the template plus additional documents from step 5.

How to add a form field in your PDF?

There are plenty of tools both free and paid to create/edit PDF form fields out there.

To name a few:


  1. Using Canva and DocFly.

  2. Using PDF Escape

    Note: If you want to rename an existing field using pdf escape
    - Right click on the field.
    - Click unlock
    - Right click again
    - Click Get Properties
    - Change the field according to the naming convention

  3. Using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Naming conventions for the form field:

Field Prefix



Client 1


Client 2 (optional)





PDF fields are converted to DocuSign tab types based on the Adobe name of the original field, as shown in the table below:

Original PDF field - Suffix

Converted DocuSign tab

Adobe name contains DocuSignSignHere or eSignSignHere

Sign here (signhere)

Adobe name contains DocuSignSignHereOptional or eSignSignHereOptional

Optional Sign here (signhere)

Adobe name contains DocuSignInitialHere or eSignInitialHere

Initial here (initialHere)

Adobe name contains DocuSignInitialHereOptional or eSignInitialHereOptional

Optional Initial here (initialHere)

Adobe name contains DocuSignDateSigned or eSignDateSigned

Date signed (dateSigned)

Adobe name contains DocuSignFullNameor eSignFullName

Full name (fullName)

Adobe name contains DocuSignLastName or eSignLastName


Adobe name contains DocuSignFirstName or eSignFirstName


Adobe name contains DocuSignEmailAddress or eSignEmailAddress


Adobe name contains DocuSignNumber or eSignNumber


Adobe name contains DocuSignDate or eSignDate


Adobe name contains DocuSignCheckbox or eSignCheckbox


Adobe name contains DocuSignRadio or eSignRadio


Other PDF field names

Any other name will default to a DocuSign data (text) field

DocuSign will not transform PDF form fields that have the text DocuSignIgnoreTransform or eSignIgnoreTransform as part of the name of the PDF form field.


To collect signature from Client 1:

  1. Create a pdf form or use the below as reference

  2. Add two text fields and name them

  3. Save and export the pdf

  4. Upload it during the advisor envelope flow.

Fine points:

  1. Client details and order of signature is taken from the original template.

  2. For now, you can add up to 10 PDFs dynamically to the envelope, but this is a soft limit, in case you need more, please raise a support ticket with Bitsy.

  3. There is no additional charge for Docusign envelope since Bitsy adds these documents in the same envelope.

  4. You can only add documents on the fly to a signing event template.

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