Bitsy offers two different routes for a form to take: either fillable by the advisor only or a collaboration between the advisor and client. The form routing type is set per template by firm admins, and apply to all forms created with that template by any user within the firm.

Setting the routing type of a form

Firm admins can set the routing type when creating a new template or editing an existing template.

  1. Go to the template you'd like to change, or create a new one.

  2. On the Template edit page "General" tab, find the question "Who fills out this form?"

  3. Click the dropdown to see the two options. Select which one you'd like for this particular template: Advisor inputs everything or Advisor and Client Collaborate

  4. Click Save Changes.

Form routing type: Advisor inputs everything

The "Advisor inputs everything" form routing type will enable all required fields and validation when the advisor or firm admin is creating a new form for a client. They will still have the option to leave and come back and continue the form later, but the form will not need to go to anyone else in order to complete it.

Once they have finished completing the form, they will have options to finalize the form.

Form routing type: Advisor and Client collaborate

The "Advisor and Client collaborate" form routing type will give the advisor an opportunity at the beginning to decide whether they'd like the option to finalize the form at the end or not.

  • Yes, final client data will be input now will enable all validation for this initial form creator (advisor or firm admin) and allow them the option to finalize the form at the end.

    This option will also still allow the form to be sent to the client for review (see below) at the end of completing it and follow the traditional "Advisor and Client collaborate" routing, in case the form creator has changed their mind and would like the client to review it before finalizing.

  • No, information will need to go to the client for completion and review will allow the form creator (advisor or firm admin) to bypass all validation and optionally input details, so they could even send a mostly blank form to a client for review. They are able to save their progress and come back to continue their initial review at any time.

    Once they select Send for review at the end, the client will receive a notification that their advisor has sent them a form for completion. They will then go through the same filling process as the advisor, now with validation enabled so all required fields will be required. Clients have the same option to save their progress and continue the form later, or to Send for review back to the advisor.

    Once the client selects Send for review, the advisor will receive a notification that it is time for their final review of the form. They will be able to go through the form once more, with all validation active, and either approve or adjust the client's responses. They can save their progress and continue their final review at any point.

    Once the advisor has approved all fields during their final review, they will have the options to finalize the form at the end and mark it as complete!

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