Bitsy has advanced mapping tools to pull in client data from your CRMs and prefill form fields.

Which CRMs does Bitsy work with?

Currently, you can prefill fields from the following CRMs:

  • Redtail

  • Salesforce

  • Wealthbox

We are constantly adding new services, so if you need one sooner let us know!

What happens when you connect with a CRM?

When activating an integration with one of the above services, Bitsy will automatically map default fields like name, email, phone number, and address. You can also map more custom fields based on your templates in the CRM Field Mapper (article coming soon).

How do I get client details from my CRM into Bitsy?

You will have the option to pull the latest data from your CRM every time you add a new form for a client. Once the service is connected on the Integrations page, you will be able to select to pull data from it.

  1. Create a new client or go to the profile of an existing client.

  2. In their profile, click New Form.

  3. Select the Template you'd like to use and click Continue.

  4. (For firm admins) Select the client's Advisor and click Continue.

  5. On the Prefill from CRMs screen, select the service from which you'd like to prefill fields and click the Prefill from [Redtail, Salesforce, Wealthbox, etc.] button.

  6. Kick back and let Bitsy do some thinking, then you should see fields prefilled with data from the service you selected. You're well on the way!


  • Not seeing your CRM in the dropdown list? Check that the service is active on the Integrations page.

  • Not seeing some fields prefill? Check that those fields are mapped to that service in the CRM Field Mapper on the Integrations page (article coming soon).

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